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One career area that quite a few young people are initially interested in is photography. While traditional still photography is a valid career field, it is also hard to get into because of the level of competition. If you have always wanted to be a professional photographer, then you should probably find a good school and apply, but you could also consider a related field, such as video production or broadcast news production.

And you can always consider a business degree too. Business degrees never go out of style and are a safe choice if you aren't sure what you want to do with your life. And you can always transfer to a different major later too. Click here for more about business.

You don't have to stay in Ohio either. You could head south to Florida and go to college where the weather is warm all year. Check out Florida.

You could also consider Seattle. And it's not so much that the colleges in Seattle are so great, but the Seattle area is home to so many new and growing companies, especially in the technology fields, that your employment opportunities upon graduation can be really great. Consider Seattle.

You could also do the unexpected and attend college in Canada. There are some strong universities just north of the border and you might find the right program there. Read more about going to school in Canada.

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