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Residents of Ohio have quite a few options for continuing their education after high school. Besides enrolling at a culinary arts school, there are other good career and college study choices. And Ohio has several major cities with different school options and they are all close enough that they can be driven to in an afternoon.

Most students will enroll at a traditional local college with the intent to earn a bachelor's degree. Unless the student has taken many college-level courses while they were in high school, a bachelor's degree in arts or science will take four college years to complete. A bachelor's degree is a great first step for almost any student.

As far as selecting a particular college major is concerned, today's student has plenty of choices. Some of the most popular choices right now are information technology, criminal justice and business.

Information technology is still a wide open field. Having a degree in information technology really opens a lot of employment doors upon graduation. IT and computer science degree programs are not easy to get, and the programs aren't suited for everyone, but if you have the aptitude for it and the interest in it, it can be a good choice.

Criminal justice is another field that seems to get bigger each year. Criminal justice is a term that can describe a really broad assortment of careers. These careers could be jobs as a paralegal, private security officer, federal law enforcement agent, local police officer, border security officer and more. Read more about this field if it sounds interesting to you.

And business majors are still very popular as well. Business is also a broad term that can include careers in management, finance, accounting and sales. Almost all colleges will offer degree programs in a few different business areas. See more about business degrees and classes.

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